The Ultimate Guide To Better Wireless Coverage

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Spotty coverage is a common WiFi problem that frustrates many IT professionals and everyday people too. With so many variables that can affect WiFi coverage, such as building materials, building dimensions, interior objects such as furniture, and the types of devices and applications that will be in use, it can be difficult for even seasoned network engineers to sort out. As experts in the field, we at ExcelLinx Communications have written down the ultimate guide to better wireless coverage. Through this, you will be able to determine the best possible locations for wireless access points to optimize wireless coverage. 

1. Look for proven technology/brands when buying hardware 
One of the first considerations when choosing the best WiFi router is to look for the wireless standard being used. While most WiFi will perform perfectly well in most situations, it is worth considering what is needed and then matching it to the specification and cost. Going for a tried and tested brand and technology helps because they have been in the market for a while and probably have great customer service too. 

2. Hire a professional wireless survey company 
A wireless site survey helps determine where to place WiFi access points (APs) to avoid interference and avoid overlap coverage from other APs. By getting a wireless site survey, it will help determine if there are co-channel interferences and how much, where external radio interferences are causing problems, how to minimize the number of WiFi APs needed, and where to place the WiFi APs for best coverage. A professional will do a proper survey 

using industry-recognized tools like Ekahau spectrum analyzers. 

3. Hire a professional structured cabling company
Configuring a wireless network at your home involves awareness of how the network can best be utilized as well as hardware and equipment specifications. DIY is not the route you want to go as there are many scenarios when installing your own WiFi network goes beyond what normal manufacturer support can offer. There is so much information about new products made to “help” your WiFi needs, but it doesn’t mean that a product is right for you and your needs. Hiring a professional structured cabling company is your best bet for the best network cabling and complete wireless deployment. 

4. Avoid overcrowding an area with multiple APs
Suppose two or more wireless networks are placed close to one another. In that case, they can interfere with each other if they use the same operating frequency. When they interfere with each other, it can cause dropped connections and unpredictable network slowdowns. Installations should always be completed in a tidy manner. Tidy network installations are much less likely to suffer from operational problems like network slowdowns. 

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