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Fiber optic cable, also called as optical fiber cable is a network cable that is used to carry or transmit data in the form of light over long distances. Fiber optic cable has insulated casing which contains fibers glasses. ExcelLinx Communications is proud to serve business community of Toronto for all their Fiber optics installation services. Our experienced team of fiber optic cable installers have successfully completed various projects of fiber optic cabling in Toronto. Our technical services include field installation services indoor & outdoor, Plenum & riser, Armored & non-armored fiber optics cable installation services. Our staff has years of combined experience in technical design, installation, consulting and maintenance of optical fiber cable systems. Customers benefit from our vast experience by calling upon our consulting services during initial planning stages.

With unmatched bandwidth and minimal intrusiveness, Fiber optic cabling technology is a must have for state-of-the-art facilities and those transferring large workflows of data. Cost of fiber optic technology through the years has been on a steady decline and in many cases can now be substantially more cost effective than using traditional copper methods. That being said, installation practices are much more technical and precise with fiber optics than they are with copper. It is a fast and secure way to connect floors, offices, and even buildings together. Benefits of Fiber Optic includes offering a backbone that increases bandwidth availability to meet the demand for voice and data infrastructures. 
In our unique business model, we provide a wide variety of both technical services and custom manufactured products to meet your needs. Our technical services include fiber optic network design, field installation services indoor & outdoor, sub-contracting support. Our staff has years of combined experience in technical design, installation, manufacturing and consulting on state-of-the-art optical systems so it’s easy to see that our passion is fiber optics and why ExcelLinx Communications should be your solutions partner for the next generation. Customers can benefit from our vast experience by calling upon our consulting services during initial planning stages. Our full-service menu includes design engineering, budgeting, inspections, acceptance testing documentation & certification of fiber optic cabling.

ExcelLinx Communications is a leading Fiber Optic Cable Installation Company of Ontario providing fiber splicing services in Toronto, Mississauga, Peel, Brampton, Oakville, Hamilton and Niagara region. We supply quality optical fiber cable and deals in brands like corning, General Cable, superior Essex, Panduit and Hubbell. Being preferred partner for all major distributions we can offer better rates for a range of accessories for Optical Fiber Networks including Bulk Fiber cable, Armoured Fiber cables, Loose Tube Fibers, single mode and 62.5/125 multi-mode Fiber, LC SC ST connectors, Rack mount fiber enclosures, patch panels, fiber cassettes, fiber patch cables and so on.

ExcelLinx Communications is a premier fiber cabling installation contractor in Greater Toronto area, specializing in all kinds of Fibre Optic installations and fibre accessories.

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