Structured Data Cabling Solutions Toronto

Structured Data Cabling Toronto

Our company is one of the leading Network cabling Toronto companies offering structured cabling solutions in Toronto. Data cabling or LAN cabling allows computers to connect to Internet and other workstations within Local Area Network. We have resources to carry out complex data cabling installations for applications involving Fiber optics, Data, Voice cabling, VOIP Wireless WIFI, CCTV, Public Addressing, CNC and much more. Our team of dedicated and experienced technicians can assist you with the designing, planning, implementation and maintaining network cabling system. Rated by our clients as one of the best data cabling contractors in Toronto, our core expertise is in designing structured cabling infrastructure which means that our solutions pay for themselves many times over their lifetime.

ExcelLinx Communications specializes in designing and installing comprehensive data cabling systems. Every project is overseen by a supervisor who will ensure that the installation is carried out as designed and is completed on time ensuring that vital changes are tracked and documented along the way thus adhering to the highest industry standards. Our experts install Cat6 and Cat6a cabling systems quiet often. This way our clients can feel confident about the level of service they get and also can enjoy the most competitive pricing in the market. Data cabling installers at ExcelLinx are experienced to handle structured cabling systems for all types of applications. We can also help you with Cat6 and Cat6a cabling in Toronto. Careful planning can help avoid the need of new Ethernet cables every few years and our team is really good at it. We believe in planning the system before it is actually being implemented.