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When it comes to managing security, every industry has different challenges and requirements. As a business owner we understand the time and hard work you have put into building your business.

“Our professional technicians are able to help with security camera installations, office security cameras installation, surveillance camera installation, CCTV cameras for Restaurants, Commercial Buildings CCTV cameras, Warehouses surveillance cameras, Security cameras for Condominium buildings and security cameras for manufacturing plants.”

Our approach

  • Requirement analysis and site walk
  • Preparing Floorplans
  • Selecting type of cameras based on client's needs & budget
  • Finalizing layout with client
  • Installation and setup
  • Training
  • Maintenance

Our engineers will do a complimentary free of charge survey at your property and determine the best installation points. Based on that we will suggest the type of cameras required. In most of cases people come to know after the fact that their cameras were not been positioned correctly or could have been positioned better and prevented a break-in.

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