A Handbook To Our Networking Solutions

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As a full-service technology solution company, we have a lot to offer our clients in the form of network infrastructure cabling, wireless networking, system planning, installations, etc. With these services, we aim to help our clients do better business, maintain excellent communication, and reach a wider audience. Moreover, as a network systems integrator, we are uniquely positioned to manage their projects from start to finish and beyond. Together, we streamline resources and processes to provide quicker and cost-effective installations. 

To help you understand our services better, the ExcelLinx Communications team has explained a few of our key services below. Keep reading to see what they are and how they will add value to your business.

1. Commercial wireless deployment
We can successfully execute wireless networking for various commercial setups from offices to warehouses and even manufacturing plants. Our installers are well experienced in such installations and will be able to ensure you receive incredible connectivity. We partner with Cisco wireless, Ruckus wireless access points, Ubiquiti wireless access points, Meraki Access pints, and Aruba WAP, etc., to ensure your wireless networks stay reliable and investment-worthy.

2. Structured network cabling
As a leading structured cabling installation company in Toronto, Ontario, we have worked for many clients in Toronto and other cities in Canada, and have gained extensive experience across all the major verticals. As a result, with our cabling services, your business is always ready, powers up employee productivity, integrates your departments and groups, and future-proofs your organization.

3. Audio video solutions
We offer a wide variety of AV equipment and solutions to meet requirements like conferencing and collaboration, public addressing, sound masking, tracking, etc. We can even help design and install the right AV solutions for your needs. We install quality interactive smart boards and projector screens all over Toronto.

4. Security camera installations
When it comes to security management, every industry has different challenges and requirements. We understand this and make the time and effort to ensure your security cameras offer the protection required for your space. Our professional technicians can also help with security camera installations, office security cameras installation, surveillance camera installation, CCTV cameras for restaurants, commercial buildings CCTV cameras, warehouses surveillance cameras, security cameras for condominium buildings, and security cameras for manufacturing plants.

5. Door access control systems
For added security, we also offer restricted access control systems. These are designed to avoid possible dangers of unauthorized access and to track employees’ activities. The access control systems we carry include door controllers, keypads, door cameras, and card readers. They all work together to protect your property from unauthorized access threats and prevent misdeeds by employees.

How we add value to our services

a. Professionalism and high-quality
We are focused on delivering high-quality services irrespective of the size of your project. We also handle each requirement and complaint with care and professionalism. After all, you are a top priority to us, and we aim to make sure you get the outcome you’re paying for.

b. Great responsiveness
Whether you need our attention before or after the sale, we are always available to you. All you have to do is reach out to us with your requirements or challenges, and we will get started on them immediately.

c. Timely services
We are also punctual with our work and ensure your needs are met in a timely manner. We plan all installations as per your schedule and make sure to complete them within the estimated time so you do not face delays.

d. Affordable pricing
Another significant part about our products and services is that they are very affordable. We understand that you have several other expenses to cater to as a business. But at the same time, we know that your communication network, facilities, and security systems are vital for good business. For this reason, we do our best to fit our fees within your budget.

To learn more about how we can help your business, reach out to us at ExcelLinx Communications. We are a network cabling company in Toronto, and we provide a strategic approach to a broad range of network infrastructure solutions. Whether you’re building a new location or upgrading your existing infrastructure, we can help you achieve your objectives in terms of quality, cost, and timelines. Our certification and warranty programs are designed to give you peace of mind, and your system is guaranteed to operate the application it was intended to support.

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