What Is The Internet Of Things?

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As we advance towards smarter devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) is growing more popular. This form of technology allows us to communicate with our devices and obtain better control over our homes and businesses. However, many are still unaware of what IoT is and how it works despite its increasing popularity. This prevents them from making the most of this innovation and attaining higher levels of convenience.

To offer you a better understanding of the Internet of Things, ExcelLinx Communications has simplified it below. In addition to explaining the meaning of IoT, we’ve also included examples to help you really grasp how intricate this technology can be and how it’s incorporated into our homes and businesses.

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is a new technology that makes up a global network of machines and devices that can communicate and exchange data via the internet. The number of devices that make up the IoT increases every year as digital technology advances. Currently, we have security cameras, sensors, buildings, vehicles, watches, smartphones, and software that can exchange data among each other through an internet connection. When these components are connected, they share data about their usage and their surroundings. For example, fitness watches can track the wearer’s heart rate, step count, and location. It can be connected to their smartphones to read their messages, answer phone calls, and interact with other data as well.

How does it work?
As we said, the primary job of IoT is to gather data and transmit it from our devices to a gathering point through wireless or wired networks. The data is collected in a data center or cloud platform and integrated with software that analyzes it. This information is then used by the manufacturer or device user for product improvement, better productivity, or convenience.

Using IoT in the home or office
To provide an understanding of how IoT can be used inside our homes and offices, here are two examples:

1. Smart alarms for the home
Let’s assume we set our alarm for 7.00 am every morning so we can catch the train at 8.00 am to commute to work on time. In the event of a delay in our regular train schedule, a smart alarm connected to the IoT will take into account the delay and reset our alarm for a little earlier, perhaps 6.45 am, so that we can prepare with a different mode of transport for the day.

2. Shipping logistics
If we work in retail, it’s vital to keep track of our inventory. With IoT-enabled sensors, we can determine how much stock we have left without having to check our records. We will also be sent a notification or alert telling us when to restock and which products need to be replenished. Besides this, we will receive other details like the best sellers during different seasons, the type of customers interested in our products, etc.

Where does the IoT go next?
The possibilities are endless with IoT. At present, we’ve only scratched the surface when determining how far we can go with this technology. As the number of real-time applications (devices) that need smart connections among each other increase, convenience will double up too. But at the same time, the Internet of Things will impose challenges as well. With rapid progress in this area of technology, people are becoming concerned about their data security and the implications on their privacy.

To protect the privacy of individuals using technology connected to the IoT, these platforms will have to meet a reliable set of standards and regulations set by authorities. But, as the scope of this industry is still unknown, it can be challenging to instill governing rules. Right now, to protect our data, we will need to pay attention to the terms and conditions of all our electronic devices and automation systems. We will have to use the software of only trusted brands and be conscious of how our devices are connected to the IoT and their manner of functioning. If we feel like our personal information is being misused, we must discontinue using the device and speak to the provider about the same.

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