Five Tips To Help You Choose The Right Rack For Your Data Center

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If you’re moving to a new location or upgrading your infrastructure, installing racks to protect your computer hardware is essential. However, there are numerous tasks involved with installing racks which makes the process stressful.

At ExcelLinx Communications, we understand that installing racks can be challenging, and this is why we want to guide you through the process. To ensure that you complete your project efficiently, we have compiled a list of five tips based on frequently asked questions to help you choose the right rack for your data center.

Tip #1: What size and quantity of racks do you need? 
The size of the racks you will need will depend on your IT room's floor space and the amount of power you have to generate to effectively run your servers. Therefore, you have to consider the height, width, depth, and load rating.

Tip #2: What kind of equipment can you install in a rack? 
Your rack can hold servers, routers, patch panels, and switches. Besides, it's vital to color code the cables to easily be distinguished from one another when carrying out an installation.

Tip #3: What are the different types of racks available? 
The different types of racks include enclosed/open racks, moveable/fixed racks, and climate-controlled racks. Each rack type usually has doors, side panels, hinged wall brackets, locks, casters and levelers, and a roof.

Tip #4: How should you plan for installation? 
For your installation to go smoothly, it's crucial to plan out every minute detail in advance. It includes drafting specifications for the layout, equipment placement, air conditioning, airflow, cable management, and thermal ducts.

Tip #5: What other options should you consider?
To complete a successful data center project, you need to integrate accessories into your system. These include power distribution, battery backup, device management, and environmental monitoring.

We hope these five tips help you make more informed decisions when building your data center. For the best network cabling company in Toronto, Ontario, reach out to ExcelLinx Communications.

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