3 ways fiber cabling is improving how businesses communicate.

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Every modern business relies on robust communication networks and tools to communicate with suppliers, clients, and customers. But while the most noticeable components of those networks might be the computers and mobile devices that allow people to email, text, and video conference, none of this technology could function without the advanced cabling infrastructure that connects individual users to wireless routers and ISPs.

ExcelLinx Communications has been providing structured cabling services in Toronto for years, including to some of the biggest companies in the province, such as Bell, Casper, and Sun Chemical, and if you are looking for a full-service provider that can help you upgrade your IT infrastructure, ExcelLinx provides the best solutions in the Greater Toronto Area and across southern Ontario.

In particular, we provide premium fiber optic cabling Toronto for companies that want to improve the performance, speed, and bandwidth of the Internet connections. If you want to scale up your communications infrastructure, here are three ways a switch to fiber optic cabling can help:

1. Fiber Cable is the High Performance Option

Up until recently, copper remained the industry standard for data cabling. In addition to being cost-effective, copper cable was durable and easy to use, and many offices still use copper cable extensively in their structured cabling. But due to its superior engineering and capabilities, fiber cabling has rapidly outstripped copper cabling as a high performance option.

If you want fast, reliable connectivity that can handle large amounts of traffic, fiber cabling is going to be an essential part of your cabling infrastructure.

Blog by ExcelLinx Communications

2. Fiber Cable Provides Faster Networking

Fiber optic cable is made from bundles of fiber that transmit pulses of light, and has been shown to not only be significantly faster than traditional cabling, but also less reliant on signal boosters. This makes fiber cable the ideal choice for cabling over long distances. At ExcelLinx, not only do we understand how important it is to have an office that is wired for the needs of a twenty-first century company, we also know that an overhauling of cabling infrastructure is outside the expertise of most internal IT departments.

This is why, as structured cabling installation experts we offer a full-service approach that covers everything from the consultation and site survey to the design, engineering, materials supply, installation, certification, and maintenance.

3. Fiber Cable Provides Increased Bandwidth

Speed isn't the only thing that improves with fiber cable; bandwidth does as well. With fiber cable, it is possible to achieve a greater data throughput capacity, which in turn makes it possible to send larger amounts of information. This is particularly important for video conferencing, and other telecommunications tools that rely on regular access to a large bandwidth. In addition to providing you with high quality structured cabling and fiber cabling options, we offer several networking services that businesses looking for ways to improve their communications infrastructure may also be interested in exploring.


For example, we can also help you update your RF wireless network, upgrade your AV equipment and functionality, and even install better security systems based around closed circuit surveillance cameras. If you want to ensure that your office has enough IT capacity to guarantee that your customers, clients, and employees can communicate quickly and efficiently, installing new fiber cable is one of the best things you can do.

At ExcelLinx Communications, we take your IT infrastructure needs just as seriously as you do, and with our seamless, turnkey installation service, we can help you upgrade to faster, better fiber cable this year. Give us a call, and start your consultation today!